About Our History

The Firm had its origins over 75 years ago when Aaron Lasser was a partner at Stein, McGlynn and Hannoch, which later became Hannoch and Lasser. In 1954, Aaron Lasser and Lawrence Lasser began the practice of law under the name Lasser and Lasser.

Shortly, thereafter, H. Lee Sarokin and B. William Hochman were admitted to the Firm as partners. H. Lee Sarokin later withdrew from the Firm to become a Federal District Court Judge and later a Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. He served as Judge of the United States Court of Appeals until his retirement in 1996, at which time he became of counsel to the Firm.

Lawrence L. Lasser withdrew from the Firm to become a Judge of the New Jersey Tax Court. Judge Lasser served as Chief Judge of the Tax Court for more than ten years until his retirement in 1995. Contemporaneous with Judge Lasser's retirement, Harold A. Kuskin, another partner of the Firm, was appointed to the New Jersey Tax Court where he served until his retirement in 2009. At the end of 2016, Jodi Lee Alper withdrew from the Firm to become a Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey.

Since its inception, the Firm has conducted an active commercial practice with a special emphasis in real property tax appeals and real estate matters, including property acquisition, disposition, leasing, zoning, land use, financing, and local and state tax issues.

The Firm also conducts an active litigation practice, including commercial, employment, matrimonial, bankruptcy and environmental matters. The Firm represents corporations, small businesses, individuals, institutional lenders, real estate boards, real estate brokers, builders, developers, and operators and managers.

For many years, the Firm has represented a number of banks, life insurance companies, real estate investment trusts, pension funds and other financial institutions in connection with a wide range of services, including matters involving foreclosures, workouts and property dispositions.